80s Prom + Canvas

80s Prom + Canvas

My sister, Colleen (Boo),  is going to Ethiopia in October with imagine1day,as I mentioned in my last post.  Here’s her adorable profile that explains more.

Colleen committed to raising $7500 as part of a team that will collectively raise $100,000 to fund a school in the Oromiya region in Ethiopia.  Quite the challenge!  She has worked so hard over the past 6 months and has finally reached her goal!  What I love about her fundraising, or Creatribution (as imagine1day calls it) is the way she went about it.  Here are some of the ways she raised money:

1. Pinwheel Print Shop: 100% of her revenue from her Etsy shop went to imagine1day. This deal ends tomorrow so pick up some adorable cards and help build a school!like about you

2. 80’s prom (more photos at link).  We rented out the top floor at Mainstay Rock Bar in downtown Cincinnati.  It was totally tubular  and included a bodacious photo booth, a rad DJ, some super sweet dance moves, and a Macaroni Michael Jackson for the winner of the dance-off (made by my husband with some serious amounts of hot glue and creative genius).  We did a lot of Care Bare Stares to end the night.  Psych!  In all seriousness, it was so much fun and I now officially own my own crimper and Hammer pants. dsc_2581dsc_2632dsc_2651DSC04152

3.  Canvas:  Boo organized an Art Auction at POSSIBLE, the digital agency where she works.  Her co-workers submitted art that she organized and put up for auction.  People bid on the different pieces and all the donations went to imagine1day.  My husband and I were able to sneak in to join her and were really impressed with what she put together.  It was fun to see how talented her co-workers are and I hope it becomes an annual event. I was able to debut my new Washi dress, as well, which was fun.  DSC04322DSC04317DSC04316DSC04315DSC04305DSC04311DSC04303DSC04302

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