A Whole LOTTA love!

A Whole LOTTA love!

*This picture was at Quilt Market.  My co-workers had her write this message for me as a joke.

It is no secret that I’m mildly obsessed with Lotta Jansdotter,  in the least creepy way possible. In my opinion she’s the bee’s knees of fabric designers, or designers in general for that matter.  She’s from Sweden so she stays true to her Scandinavian roots with her simple prints and aesthetic.

I was first introduced to her awesomeness through her paper products.  I bought a couple notebooks when I first went to Namibia (to document the crazy I was about to embark on) and hesitated to write in them because they were so pretty.

After that I realized she has basically conquered the world with her designs.  She has the following with her name on it: notebooks, books, post-its, washi tape, tissue boxes, dish towels, dishes, candles, Christmas cards, Moby wraps, rugs, pillows, decals, canvas, bags, trays.  Basically anything you can think of.  Google image her products and you’ll see what I mean.

When I started to sew, I giddily discovered her fabric lines.  My fabric shelves have shined and my bank account has dwindled ever since. It started with her Bella line, moved on to Glimma, and now I’m crushing on her new Mormor collection.

I got in a lot of trouble last week when Sewn studio got the whole line in stock. I guiltily walked out with an entire bag, head hung low, and anticipated the questioning glace I would get from my husband.  My pictures are evidence of why that questioning glace would be justified.
DSC_0090DSC_0099 DSC_0098 DSC_0096 DSC_0094 DSC_0093
Lotta has also released a black and white line called Sylvia that I’m trying to avoid like the plague.  Purely for monetary reasons.sylvia_9fq
I think the white with black polka dots would make a cute skirt paired with a chambray shirt.  So if you see said skirt in the future on this blog, don’t judge.  I blame Lotta and her ridiculously amazing Scandinavian designs.

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