Favorite Fabric Friday: Liberty of London

Favorite Fabric Friday: Liberty of London

1. Kayoko Pink
2. Grey Susanna
3. Hot Pink Wiltshire
4. Pink Margaret Anne
5. Red Willow Rose
6. Purple Phoebe
7. Blue Elizabeth
8. Navy John
9. Navy Kayoko
10.  Green Ciara
11. Junos Garden Pastel
12. Thorpe Pink

Ah, Liberty!  If I could sew one substrate until the end of time it would be this.  Their Tana Lawn fabric is classic, lightweight, and drapes beautifully.  It’s been around since the 1920’s and is something that has been coveted by sewers ever since.

I honestly had never heard of Liberty of London before I started sewing. I first laid eyes on it when I went to Purl Soho in New York last fall.DSC04719 DSC04720 DSC04721I was hooked and now our relationship is on a first name basis. The only minor problem with my new found love was/is it’s price tag.  Liberty is expensive!  Like $36 per yard expensive.  So making a garment out of this amazing fabric tends to be a little pricey.  But also worth it.

It wasn’t until my birthday last year that I finally could say I owned some.  My mom surprised me with a few of their fabrics and it was like Christmas when I opened the package.

*Sidenote: My mom, among many of her other talents, is a present magician.   She manages to find things that are sold out all over the place (think Tickle Me Elmo, Furbies, Beanie Babies).  She may or may not have purchased a Cabbage Patch doll when I was younger out of the trunk of a car in the Kroger parking lot just so I could wake up with Ursa Petunia in my arms Christmas morning.
Case in point, my birthday present.  As if Liberty fabric weren’t enough, she also somehow found some Washi Tape fabric, which if you’ve ever looked is impossible to find in quantities larger than a fat quarter.IMG_2549

Her amazing birthday gift has been nicely stacked in my sewing room for the past 6 months and I finally got the nerve to cut into some last night when I was pattern testing.  Not the smartest idea, but luckily it worked out. I’ll blog about that soon.

If I had to pick a favorite Liberty fabric it would be #3,  the Hot Pink Wiltshire.  I love this print and I am still searching for the perfect garment to make with it: Washi with a bow?, Saltspring?, Cascade skirt?  As Sheryl Crow once so accurately stated, “the first cut is the deepest.” I realize she wasn’t talking about fabric, but it seems appropriate when referring to Liberty.

If you are looking for a great book related to Liberty check out Liberty Love by Alexia Marcelle Abegg. She features 25 project ideas that you can sew with Liberty of London.  I can’t wait to make the Michelle My Belle Dress from the book.

What are your favorite Liberty prints?


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