Fox 19 News Appearance

Fox 19 News Appearance

The bean and I were on Fox 19 News this morning!  I was there promoting Little Luvins and  Crafty Supermarket, which is happening this weekend.  It will be my last craft fair until after this little one arrives.

Being on the news has never been on my bucket list.  Actually it would be on my “please don’t make me ever do this” list.  I’ve been camera shy since birth and unfortunately haven’t grown out of it.  The good news was the segment was only going to be 3-4 minutes long, so I knew I could make it through.  You can do pretty much anything for 3-4 minutes, right?

I was asked to prepare a craft that could be done on air.  I knew sewing was out of the question, so I decided to make fabric covered flower pots using scraps I had in my stash.  Frank Marzullo, the Fox 19 meteorologist, was the host for the segment.  He was a great sport and definitely made my first (and hopefully last) news appearance much less scary than I feared.  You can check out the video here.

My mom luckily was a part of this crazy adventure and managed to snap some photos while on air:
IMG_7238-1 IMG_7237
Thank you Fox 19 News for featuring Little Luvins and Crafty Supermarket!

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