Halloween Costumes using American Apparel Sweatshirts

Halloween Costumes using American Apparel Sweatshirts

As I’ve gotten older (and wiser), I’ve realized that Halloween doesn’t have to involve uncomfortable, skimpy outfits with foot-smooshing high heels, especially when it’s freezing outside.  I love to go to the Halloween stores and see the latest costumes that involve half-dressed women attempting to resemble a firefighter, sailor, nurse, or cop.  I’m pretty sure none of these jobs involve any of the spandex, fishnet stockings, props, or lace as pictured.  Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up, and I have attempted to wear outfits like this in the past (not proud of this), but I’ve come to realize that I don’t have the goods or the desire to wear costumes like this anymore.

On my quest to create the most comfy costumes possible, I’ve started to make my getups out of American Apparel sweatshirts (unwashed of course b/c the fleece is at its softest).  This wasn’t a conscious decision, at first,  but rather a combination of procrastination and love of lounging. For the past four years, except my Mario Cart exception (see below), I’ve made my costumes out of these sweatshirts and it has been awesome.  I’m always warm, able to move and walk, and save money by making them out of something I can wear after, minus all of the sewn-on details of course. I feel like the possibilities are endless.

+Disclaimer: Some of these pictures are pretty terrible but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

2009: Max from Where the Wild Things AreDSC_0021


Max Outfit Details:
+Bought White Sweatshirt and Pants from American Apparel
+Sewed buttons onto the front of the sweatshirt
+Sewed furry ears to the hood and sewed a tail onto the back of the pants
+Borrowed a pimp cane from my mom : )
+Cut crown out of a grocery bag

 2011: Cookie MonsterIMG_0595SONY DSCIMG_0455-2

Cookie Monster Outfit Details:
+Bought Neon Heather Blue  sweatshirt from American Apparel
+Cut cookies and chocolate chips out of felt and sewed them to the sweatshirt.
+Bought foam balls from Michaels.  Pinned black felt onto the front for the pupils and secured to the sweatshirt using pins.

 2012: MouseShanMouseIMG_1233

Mouse Outfit Details:
+Bought Gray sweatshirt, Mouse Ears and Tail from American Apparel
+Sewed pink felt onto the front of the sweatshirt and onto the mouse ears
+Sewed tail onto the back of the sweatshirt

Hopefully this can inspire you to make some super soft, comfy costumes for yourself.

If you don’t feel like making anything this year, this could be a possibility for you and some friends:

2010: Mario CartIMG_0726 Luigi

We each made our own carts, attached balloons to the back of each one, and ran around all night trying to pop each other’s.  It was really fun and also a very comfortable outfit, except for the giant mustache; Presented problems when trying to eat or drink.

Or you could be a cheeseburger (2008):dscn1002

My only advice is to not let your husband (then new boyfriend) convince you that being a dead tennis player is a good idea.  He’s lucky I really liked him:img_1132img_1160

I hadn’t met any of his friends at this point in our relationship and this was my introduction to them.  I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life.

Whatever you decide to be, Happy Halloween!  If you have any extra Reese’s Cups that you don’t want to eat, I’d be happy to take them from you : )

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    Posted at 14:53h, 24 October Reply

    Such fun ideas….and great DIY costumes! Thanks…

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