How to Make Frozen’s Olaf

How to Make Frozen’s Olaf

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I fell in love with Olaf, a character in the movie Frozen, from the minute he showed up on screen.  “Hi everyone, I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs.” His childlike innocence, lovable personality, and ability to disassemble and reassemble himself make him one of my favorite animated characters to date.  It’s hard not to love a snowman who likes warm hugs and sings about summer.

I thought it would be fun to bring Olaf to life this fall.  I created a tutorial for how to make him out of gourds, since snow isn’t covering the ground (yet).

“Do you want to build a snowman?” Follow along and you’ll have your own Olaf in no time.

3 gourds
Sticks (2 for hands, 3 for hair)
White acrylic paint and brush
Glitter spray paint (use at your own risk but creates a great “snow” effect)
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread

Finding the right gourds:
I went to the grocery store with the mission of finding the “perfect” gourds for Olaf.  I originally wanted a butternut squash for his head because I thought that would be the ideal shape.  That was not in the cards, however, because they were completely sold out of butternut squash that day.  I took this as a sign that I should lower my ambitions for the size of my Olaf.

I went to a table full of gourds instead and started stacking and unstacking them until I found a combination that worked.  I spent an embarrassing amount of time doing this and must have looked quite silly in the process. I ended up with one squash variety and two Lil’ Pumpkemons.  Yes, you read that right.  Pumpkemons.  The internet may be playing jokes on me, but after searching many sites this is apparently what these orange and white pumpkins are called.

Once you’ve found your own combination, the following will help you put him together.

1.  Wash your gourds to get rid of any dirt and dry.  Cut off any stems.  This will help you stack them when assembling Olaf.

2. Apply one coat of white acrylic paint and allow to dry completely.  Repeat until you get your desired white. I used three coats on each of them and let them dry overnight.
DSC_0017 DSC_0024 DSC_0026
3. Spray your gourds with Glitter spray paint so they glisten like snow.
*Warning: This glitter will stick to your hands and no amount of showering, coercing, or nail polish remover you use will make it go away.  Looking back, gloves would have been a smart decision. But I like the way they turned out. DSC_0075 DSC_0077
4. Make Olaf’s Nose:  (*The following instructions involve hand sewing as well as a sewing machine.  You could skip these instructions entirely and use a real carrot for his nose)
(a) Cut out a triangular shape from your orange felt.  I held mine up to my gourd after cutting it and adjusted the shape accordingly.
(b) Hand stitch brown lines onto the triangle to make it look more like a carrot. DSC_0036
(c) Fold your carrot in half lengthwise with right sides together.  Sew down the side of your carrot using a sewing machine. DSC_0038
(d) Turn your carrot right side out and stuff. DSC_0044
(e) Cut a circle out of your orange felt and hot glue it onto the open end of your carrot.  DSC_0045
5.  Cut Olaf’s eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and giant tooth out of felt.
*Tip: I used pins to assemble Olaf’s face to the gourd.  He looked a little bit like a Voodoo doll but it really helped me adjust the size of his facial features as I went.
6. Cut out 3 black circles for his coal buttons.
7. Find sticks for his hair and his hands.

Here’s what you should have so far:
Now Olaf’s ready to assemble!

7. Hot glue his carrot nose, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and giant tooth to his face.  Take your three sticks and glue them to the top of his head for his hair. DSC_0084
8. Glue one button to his midsection and add his arms out to the side.
*Tip: Hold each arm in place until the glue dries to make sure it is secure before you  “Let it go.” Sorry I had to.
9. Add the remaining two buttons to the bottom section of his body. DSC_0091
10.  Carefully attach his midsection to his bottom, and his head to his midsection.  I used hot glue for this step as well.  You could reinforce the glue with toothpicks or kebob skewers so it’s more secure.
*Another idea would be to use velcro, since Olaf disassembles and reassembles himself so much in the movie.DSC_0092
You did it!  Now give Olaf a nice warm hug (gently) and place him somewhere special.  DSC_0085DSC_0133DSC_0119
It looks like I made him pose for a school picture in this one:DSC_0137
“Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle but put me in summer and I’ll be a….happy snowman!”

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