Jasper, the dog, Apron

Jasper, the dog, Apron


A few months before Christmas I challenged myself to make all of my gifts for those that I love.  Then a wee little wrench was thrown into my plan. My husbands family, my family, and my work family all decided (separately) to draw names out of a hat this year and only get a gift for one person.  We have never done this before, and I have to admit I was hesitant at first, but my bank account really liked the idea.  As luck (more like un-luck) would have it, I pulled all BOYS for the gifts, even at work!  All boys.  I had the perfect clutch picked out to make the girls but I instead had to think creatively about what to make 1. My future brother in law 2. My Uncle-in-law and 3. My coworker (the only male that works there).

First up: Uncle Kevin.  My Uncle and his partner live in San Francisco and are two of my favorite people.  They always bring a spark to every family gathering and I was so excited when they decided to join us for Christmas in Minnesota this year.  They have a little Chihuahua named Jasper that accompanies them everywhere.  I haven’t formed a proper bond with this dog yet but I know he brings them lots of joy, which makes all of the growling, death threats, and fake bites tolerable.  I think small dogs feel like they need to prove themselves by these antics and Jasper is no exception.

While pondering what to make Kevin and sticking to my handmade holiday challenge, I woke up one morning with the idea of making him a Jasper apron.  They just moved into a new house in San Fran and both love to cook so I figured it would be perfect.

Main Apron: Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Black
Pocket: Carolyn Friedlander Botanics, Line Scratch in Charcoal
Jasper Design: My talented hubs
Dog: Felt
Twill Tape: Bought in a warehouse from a man named Bob

The hardest part about finding materials for this apron was the twill tape.  I shamefully procrastinated on making this apron, so I had to find it locally.  After failing to find it at several stores,  I ended up going to a sewing supply warehouse as a last attempt.  I walked into an office room, asked a women behind a desk desperately if they had any twill tape and she lead me into an enormous warehouse stacked with random shelves where I was supposed to find a man named Bob.  Bob, as if summoned, emerged from behind one of the shelves and without introduction asked what I needed.  I’m still not sure if I was supposed to/allowed to be there but that’s beside the point.  Bob led me around the maze of crap (for lack of better words) where the shelf of twill tape was completely gone.  I gave him a desperate, defeated look, so he continued weaving his way around the room.  He managed to find a random wheel of green twill tape that looked like it had been there and forgotten long ago.  He blew off the pile of dust on top of it, as if it were completely normal, and asked how much I needed.  He cut my 12 yards in silence while I giddily realized I could finally make my apron.  I asked him who I had to pay and he pointed at himself.  $2 he said.  $2 for 12 yards?  I made him repeat the price, he didn’t say anything, grabbed my ring finger, realized I was married, and upped the price to $3.  Mind you Bob is at least 75+ years old.  After a smirk, he went back down to $2.

Pretty hilarious, amazing, and odd.  But Bob saved my apron.  Or Mapron to be exact.  *Purl Bee sells twill tape for your reference, but Bob seems to be the best deal around.DSC_1692DSC_1698With my supplies finally in order, thanks to Bob, I found a tutorial from the Purl Bee on how to make a Simple Linen Apron and was on my way.  The directions were easy to follow and there are a lot of pictures for each step, which made it fly by.  I made mine without a dishtowel loop for this version and added a Little Luvins label to make it look more store-bought. DSC_1702I’ve always loved giving gifts, but I’ve found that giving handmade gifts is way more enjoyable.  

Kevin may have had one of the best reactions to date.  I was able to capture it on video (above) and I’m so thankful I did.  My favorite comment came from his partner Jason, who kindly said it was “totes adorbes.” I’m still not sure what exactly that means, but I’m assuming it’s “totally adorable”?  Hopefully I’m not way off.

Here’s Jason sporting their new kitchen gear. Probably need to make a matching one so they won’t fight over it.DSC05038DSC05042DSC05040His incredibly soft Viking hat was one of 3 that appeared on Christmas morning:DSC05000

My sister-in-law, Sara,  and I found these in a super cute local store in Minneapolis and didn’t feel right leaving without them.

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    Posted at 02:03h, 08 January Reply

    Such a perfect gift! Love, love all the photos…

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