Little Luvins

Little Luvins

shanjb_0511AquariumMeet Aasta.  She is my sweet, spunky, lovable niece that inspired the name Little Luvins.  She filled a special nook in my heart from the moment I held her.  They say that when you have your own children your heart opens in a way that you never thought possible.  I am not a mother yet, but I believe the same thing happens when you become an aunt.  I love this little mini more than I could have ever imagined.  Her parents are amazing and have provided my husband and I with a wonderful example of how to navigate parenthood.

When I was contemplating the idea of starting a business I knew I wanted a name that was meaningful.  I threw around a couple of different ideas but nothing seemed quite right. I was driving home one day when an idea popped in my head.  It always amazes me how our minds work: dreams that we have, ideas that we create, irrational and rational thoughts that we imagine at times that don’t make sense.  Luckily for me that day, my thoughts were productive and led me to a name that I was excited about.

Aasta is very attuned to people’s feelings.  She understands things beyond her years and always seems to know when you need some love.  She will ask, “Do you need some luvins? (pronounced “yuvins” at the time because of those tricky l’s).   Her yuvins and snuggles were what popped in my head that day and eventually led me to the name Little Luvins.

It is through this new business that I hope to share with you some luvins so that you in turn can share these with those that have found a special nook in your heart.

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