Matching Sweaters, Aztec Onesies, and Elephant PJs

Matching Sweaters, Aztec Onesies, and Elephant PJs

If wearing matching outfits is cool, consider my family Miles Davis.

These pictures were too funny not to share. My sisters, my mom and I always show up in matching outfits without planning to.  It happens quite a lot and we should just start sharing clothes.  This Christmas we wanted to share the joy of matching outfits so we had quite a few in the works.  Some were surprises, some were planned but everyone went along with it.  My favorite comment from a family friend was, “How’d you get everyone to agree to do this?”  Um…we didn’t. Sadly/happily everyone was all about it and thankfully we all have paired up with significant others that fit right in.

1. Christmas Eve PJs: Ever since my first Christmas my family has had a tradition of wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve.  It’s one of my favorite traditions we have and something I hope continues when we have kids.  My brother, sisters, and I always sat on our fireplace, in birth order, and it’s hilarious to look back at the pictures throughout the years. We each had our awkward phrases, our non-smiling brace faces, and some years we just wish we could forget.  Now that we are all “adults” (technically), I love that this is something we are proud of and look forward to.  We took our traditional fireplace photo this year to add to the rest.  DSC02895The rest of the family joined us in the matching white Elephant pants as well:DSC028962. Aztec Onesies: My brother and his girlfriend surprised all of us on Christmas morning with matching Aztec onesies.  We were speechless and immediately ran to put them on.  The boys left nothing to be desired but were incredibly good sports.  We wore them for most of the day and continued to shamelessly wear them the rest of the trip.  I have put my onesie on more than I care to admit because it combines the softness of brand new fleece sweatpants and the ease of putting on one piece of clothing.  And it looks nothing short of awesome.  At least I tell myself that to justify how frequently I wear it. IMG_2926IMG_29163. Matching Sweaters: My mom bought all the girls in the family the same skiing sweater as one of our gifts.  She spilled the beans to my sister and me beforehand and we started joking that we should get the boys matching sweaters so we can take a family photo of all of us.  The joking turned into reality and the boys ended up with Tipsy Elf sweaters that were featured on Shark Tank.  We went to dinner at Beano’s Cabin in our matching sweaters (the same place that JB and I got married).  It was funny to watch people try to figure out whether we were serious or kidding.  I guess it was a little of both.  DSC05067396A9958 396A9960 396A9961396A9966 nyears396A9960 DSC03005 4. Sister Shirts: Boo and I showed up in the same outfit to a Holiday Party that week.  We just looked at each other and laughed because this happens more times than we can count.  My other sister, Katie, had the same shirt in a different color packed in her suitcase. IMG_2905I’m a little nervous/excited to think about how we can top this next year.

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    Love, love all these photos….so much fun!

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