May Books

May Books

Yesterday, these arrived; NEF_4302Instant giddiness ensued.

I am a self-proclaimed paper and pen fiend.  School supply shopping was and is still my favorite day.  There is nothing better than opening a new set of pens, especially when they look like this (my all time favorite pens):Flair Pens

The problem is, a lot of times there isn’t a cute notebook in which to use those pens.  Enter May Books.  I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this company, but I’m sure glad I did.  I was so excited to find someone as nerdily obsessed with paper products as I was.

Mica May, the creator of May Books, struggled to find the perfect notebook.  She decided to create her own and quickly discovered that people liked what she had made.  Mica started May books and is now gifting people with stylish paper goodness.

There are numerous style options to choose from as well as the paper they put inside.  I had a really hard time deciding and ended up with about 14 different notebooks in my shopping cart before narrowing it down to 2.  I went for the dotty inside on both notebooks because I also am slightly obsessed with polka dots.  I love the way it looks with the striped inside.

NEF_4305NEF_4309NEF_4327NEF_4316NEF_4310I plan on using these to jot down all of the bits and bobs that I learn throughout my sewing and business journey.  They will definitely be squeezing their way into my ridiculously full, oversized $25 checked suitcase when I head out to the Sewing Summit in a couple of weeks.

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