Pat Bravo’s Boho Dress

Pat Bravo’s Boho Dress

After learning how to make a Washi Dress (see blog post here), I was desperate to find more patterns to make for myself.  I found Pat Bravo’s Boho Dress pattern on Hawthorne Threads and figured I would give it a try.  The pattern comes with a DVD, instead of written directions, which is perfect for a beginner.  It takes you through every step of the process of garment sewing: materials, transferring pattern pieces, understanding fabric, pattern piece layout, tracing pattern pieces, cutting pattern pieces, sewing machine basics, and instructions for option A and B dresses.  Pat guides you through every step of the process with short instruction videos.  It’s like having a personal instructor right in your sewing room.DSC_0387

Watching Pat as I sew:DSC04345

The videos cover every part of making this dress and the pattern is really easy.  The top part lines itself (you basically make two tops) so you don’t have to finish the openings in the arms or neck. Score!

Here are some adjustments I had to make to the pattern, as well as my Bloopers:

+I ended up taking in each side by 3/8″ because it was too loose when I tried it on

+Option A dress looked a little short in the picture on the pattern, so I ended up extending my pattern to the length of Option B.  Not sure that was the best idea because I still had to cut off 5 inches at the end but I guess it’s better than wishing I would’ve added some length originally.  Next time I might try the original length for Option A.

+I decided to make this dress while recovering from food poisoning.  Big mistake.  I somehow managed to incorrectly sew the right side of the bodice to the wrong side which ended up being a hot mess.  I even notched the whole thing before realizing what I did.  The seam ripper definitely earned his keep that day.  DSC04342My husband took pictures of the completed dress.  I felt super uncomfortable because I have no idea how to pose without looking awkward.  I definitely need to work on how to make it look more “me.”   Ignore those pasty legs and arms! As my husband says I’m super tan in a lot of different places (thank you freckles) but have never been tan in my life.  NEF_4420Fabric: Nel Whatmore, Bamboo in Pebble, Bought here

The BEST part of making this dress was meeting Pat Bravo at the Sewing Summit, while wearing the dress!  I was sitting at a table with some girls for lunch on Friday when Pat joined us.  At first I couldn’t figure out how I knew her and I was wracking my brain trying to remember.  Then it occurred to me that she was Pat Bravo and I was wearing her Boho Dress!  Happy coincidence. I was a little nervous because I didn’t want her to notice any bloopers on the dress or think to herself, “That’s not the way it’s supposed to look.” I covered myself up a little bit with my sweater while eating but then decided I was being ridiculous.  I introduced myself and told her how much I enjoyed her pattern.  She was as sweet as I imagined and was so appreciative of my attempt.  Thank you Pat for your kindness and for not pointing out all of my mistakes!  DSC04481

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    Posted at 13:56h, 14 October Reply

    Love the dress…love the fabric!

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