Photo A Day: 27. WTF (Wow, That Flew?)

Photo A Day: 27. WTF (Wow, That Flew?)

The one thing JB wanted to see while we were in DC was the Space Shuttle Discovery.  Luckily for us, the family we visited hadn’t seen it yet, so we headed to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udar-Hazy Center on Friday.  The museum has any plane/flying object that you can imagine and everything in between.  The hangers are meticulously arranged to the point where every possible nook and cranny is occupied.  They even suspended planes from the ceiling at odd   angles to fit everything.  They also managed to add McDonalds for any post-plane viewing cravings as well as a gift shop full of space ice cream.  I would highly recommend the freeze dried ice cream sandwich; It’s pretty delicious once it melts.

Of all of the things we saw there, the Space Shuttle Discovery was hard to beat:DSC_0220DSC_0208DSC_0205DSC_0200DSC_0196DSC_0192IMG_2079

JB was so excited to see it that it was hard not to get giddy as well.  He was walking around in awe of the shuttle like a little kid, which was really fun to watch. My photo a day assignment was WTF, which wasn’t something I was excited about taking a picture of, until I changed the meaning.  WTF became Wait, That Flew? which fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the museum.

Coming in a close second to the Space Shuttle was the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the world’s fastest jet-propelled aircraft.  It was built in 1964, but looks incredibly futuristic to me.  It was ridiculously fast when it was in the air and became faster the faster it flew.  Pause for marveling. This was all due to the engineer’s scientific genius and because of the coolness of science itself.  DSC_0225DSC_0261

Besides the big two, we saw aircrafts from different wars, business and commercial planes, rockets, missiles, ______(insert any other mode of flight here).  The museum was FREE (besides the $15 parking fee) and definitely worth the trip. DSC_0247DSC_0239DSC_0249

The Top Gun plane (ladies):DSC_0235DSC_0259

On the way there, JB’s cousin, Katie and I learned how sweet your hair looks after riding in the back of a convertible:NEF_4472

This was our solution for the way home:NEF_4560

+Thank you Caroline for teaching me how to make this skirt!

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