Photo A Day: 28. 10 o’clock

Photo A Day: 28. 10 o’clock

On Saturday, we did what any tourist would do in Washington D.C. and went to explore the monuments.  I haven’t been back since my senior year of high school and I definitely didn’t fully appreciate what I saw at that time.  We started off with the White House: NEF_4562DSC_0280

Pretty beautiful place.  Definitely wouldn’t mind having their garden in my backyard.

After throwing some bows to try to get a picture, we ventured to the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, the Wall, and the Lincoln Memorial. DSC_0298DSC_0287NEF_4633NEF_4651NEF_4614

We couldn’t leave without getting some jumping shots and standard tourist photos.  Probably not the best outfit to attempt this in.  (Note to self: Wear shorts next time)NEF_4658NEF_4662NEF_4654

My photo of the day was: 10 o’clock and this pretty much sums it up: IMG_2104

After a long day of walking and eating, we were happy to be lounging on the couch resting our tootsies while watching football.

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