Photo A Day: 29. Gold

Photo A Day: 29. Gold

My mom grew up in Maryland and one of my fondest memories from my childhood is visiting my grandparents and eating blue crabs. I haven’t met a crab I didn’t like, but these are hands down my favorite.  The Old Bay seasoning induces serious taste bud heaven and the whole experience is something I wish I could enjoy more often.  Ohio doesn’t really have legit crab shacks (to my knowledge), other than Red Lobster, and often times you find more crab with a K on a menu than anything else.

When JB’s uncle suggested we go to their favorite blue crab restaurant during our visit, I immediately jumped on the idea.  I think they were a little shocked at how excited I was, but seemed to share in the sentiments of the experience, especially once I explained my obsession.  We didn’t go until Sunday so the wait was a little torturous but it was the best end to the weekend and the perfect send off.  My photo a day was Gold, which in my mind is equally as great as Maryland blue crab.

My ideal crab feast includes the following: Maryland blue crabs (not crab with a K), a mallet (for cracking those tough front claws), newspaper (or some table covering), beer (if you are old enough), some lemon (if you please), Old Bay seasoning (you can never have enough), and a desire for seriously messy hands (napkins don’t work, use wet naps).  My FIL (father in law) decided to make a tie out of his napkin in attempt to keep his shirt clean, but I’m not sure it turned out so well in the end.  I succumbed to the fact that there wasn’t any way I was going to stay clean and ended up with crab everywhere: my shirt, face, hands, camera, JB’s face (from my cracking), etc.  It was awesome! DSC04631I taught JB how to eat blue crab when we were first dating, so now he’s an expert crabber:DSC04632This was my face the entire time I was eating (in addition to a permagrin):DSC04637It was the ideal way to end our weekend in DC.  We walked on the plane full, incredibly smelly (sorry to anyone that sat by us), and happy.

Thank you Warner family for satisfying my crab cravings and for showing us such a great time. DSC04643

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