Photo A Day: 25. H is for…

Photo A Day: 25. H is for…

Her!!  My beautiful friend Shanna found out that she is having a girl, little Luisa (Lulu).  She is due in February and I can’t wait to meet her.  This baby is so lucky to be coming into such a loving family.

My mom and I went into her 3rd grade classroom last Wednesday to celebrate and to teach her kids about apples.  My mom used to be a fixed figure in my classroom when I was teaching and my students LOVED her. She would come in every month to teach the kids about a different food/food group and then have them make a snack related to that food. Since I stopped teaching, it’s been hard on her not to have this to look forward to, so we both decided we needed a “kid fix.”


+Dress: Staple Dress Pattern by April Rhodes                                                                                                                                        +Fabric: Field Study Rayon Challis by Anna Maria Horner                                                                                                                   +Shoes: Toms

We read some of our favorite apple books, taught the kids about the different types of apples (it’s amazing how many varieties there are), and ended our visit by making delicious apple smiles.  Yum!DSC04586 DSC04576 DSC04573 DSC04570 DSC04569 DSC04568

It’s always fun for me to go back into the classroom.  It was my home for 7 years and it feels a little strange to have to wear a neon yellow VISITOR tag now when I walk in the door.  Visiting Shanna’s room that day made me miss teaching but also made me realize that I’m doing what’s best for me at this time in my life.  Teaching is HARD, really hard.  It requires you to be a counselor, educator, parent, problem-fixer, etc. for 27 different kids and their parents at the same time.  It’s a job that doesn’t end when the kids leave or when you go home.  The worries, stresses, and demands follow you out the door.  I wasn’t able to shut that off.  I would feel guilty if I sat and watched TV or did anything for myself after school.  I thought I should be grading, answering emails, and planning instead.  It was impossible for me to balance my work life and my personal life.  I realize this has a lot to do with how I am, but it’s something I didn’t recognize until I stopped.

While I don’t miss any of this, what I miss the most are the kids.  They become yours throughout the year and their reactions to you are worth all of the stresses along the way.  You can see the impact you have on them each day and it’s unexplainable.  They will remember you for the rest of your life and it truly is an awesome (in every sense of the word) responsibility.  I waver at times if it was the right choice for me to leave, but until I decide what’s best I will continue to get my “kid fixes” in Shanna’s room.


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