The Small Object, a toy Singer, and Lindsay Letters

The Small Object, a toy Singer, and Lindsay Letters

Boo was my (un) Secret Santa for our Christmas family exchange.  She blogged about my gifts a few weeks before I was allowed to open them, which was pure torture.  She even started her blog post with, “Shannon Marie Woodruff, stop reading this post right now.” Not cool, Boo, not cool.  It took every fiber of my being not to scroll down her blog and see what amazingness was headed my way.  I resisted the urge, though, and I’m so thankful I did.

Here are the 3 incredibly thoughtful gifts that were worth waiting for:

1. Custom stamp from The Small Object:I have my own Little Luvins custom rubber stamp! I may be stamping everything in sight from now on.  Sarah, from The Small Object, is an illustrator and designer who offers custom cake toppers, stamps, and other goodies to make your gifts/correspondences/and overall life special.   I love the stamp she made me and can’t wait to use it.  DSC_1749 DSC_17452. Singer Sew Handy toy hand-crank sewing machine:  How cute is this? Boo somehow found this gem in a sea of old things at a antique store in Cincinnati.  From what I read, this machine debuted in Britain in the 1960s to teach young girls how to sew.  Now sewing is more portable than ever. Who said you can’t sew on a plane? Or in a car? Or when you lose power?  Or at a coffee shop?  This might become my version of “planking” and I can take pictures of all the random places I can sew.

DSC_17393. Lindsay Letters’ Live Creatively Mug: If you haven’t checked out Lindsay’s adorable calligraphy, you should.  This mug has quickly become my favorite way to start my day.  Boo and I are both trying to live by this motto, which requires a healthy mix of excitement and fear.  It’s been a lot of fun to turn what once was a hobby into a job, but also incredibly scary.  We are both hopeful that we can share our creativity with others while still being able to financially make it work.  This mug will help remind me (and us) why I took this leap.  DSC_1744Thanks Boo for my creative and thoughtful gifts.  My only request next time is to save your blog post until after you give it to me.  That was truly a test of will and I didn’t love it.

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